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by | Aug 12, 2021

Hope you are doing well?

Testing times for many of you around the country and we will be looking forward to getting to this 70% (or 80%) vaccination rate.

If this is your first email from us – Welcome!
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A response we often receive once some one has watched our webinar or come across us is that “I just need to save a bit more (or insert another valid reason) and I will reach out when I have.”

Whilst I understand this, it frustrates me because clearly, I don’t communicate one of our core messages well enough: “It is never too early to plan.”

New client’s tell us that they’ve been told by a bank or a broker to  “come back when you have saved $50,000.”

To me it’s demotivating and frankly demeaning. It simply shows no care or understanding to work with someone and help them with a plan.

What does a plan look like?
It starts by getting the answers to these questions for you:

1. “How much can I borrow?”
  • This is known as your “borrowing capacity” – just know it differs across lenders: especially for nurses as they have different lending policies for each line of your payslip as well as your existing financial commitments.
2. “What price range should I be looking in?”
  • This is based on your borrowing capacity in the above calculation, and then considers your savings (now and future), your access to government incentives as well as lender offers.
3. “What will my repayments be?”
  • Although this does change as lenders change their offers, it gives you a great idea and is really important that you are reasonably comfortable to commit to this.
4. “What do we do next?”
  • This depends on the answers to the above and could range from going straight to a pre-approval, through to a credit record clean up, or a savings program.

Knowing the answers and the factors influencing them really places you in a great position to plan your budget and timing of purchase.

We have worked with some nurses for almost two years. They haven’t paid us a cent, but we work with them because they have shown commitment to become homeowners and have set themselves a goal to achieve it and are accountable to make it happen.

When they do that, we will spend whatever time it takes to get them there.

If that is you, don’t hesitate to reach out and start by getting those questions answered for you. That’s all it takes to start your homeownership journey.

Your Future Self Will Thank You For It.

All it takes is a 20minute phone call, respond to an email, and then this will be done for you.
From there, we have a zoom call together to work on question 4 – the next steps.

Book a 20minute direct call with me here:

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In the meantime, please continue your amazing work and remember our core belief “every nurse can and should be a homeowner.”