Why Nurses?

As the only specialist mortgage broker for nurses in Australia, it’s a question we get a lot.

There are 2 main reasons why we specialise in working with nurses:

  • For You
  • Personal

The Benefit to You

Finance4Nurses was set up because during my multiple stays in hospital I got to know a few of you well and helped a few with your financing. (see personal story below)

I quickly discovered that nurses are very under serviced for both finance and understanding how your remuneration (and lifestyle!) works. This resulted in it all being too hard and more-so not getting the financing deals you deserve. You will see real examples of these throughout the website.

It’s all very well to get you a great financing deal although there is a lot more to buying a property than just getting a loan. It is a huge transaction. The worlds of medical and property are a long way apart (just ask a real estate agent what an MRSA infection is!).

I therefore widened, and continue to do so, my services with the core value of what we do Enabling Nurses to Buy Your Own Home”. Enabling covers the whole process and ongoing help and education. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and continue to build.

This Facebook Group is a great example of how we continue to expand and grow everyone’s knowledge in the area of mortgages. We invite you to join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VicNursesHomeBuyersForum/members/

A Personal Reason

Here is a bit of background on me, and importantly what it means for you.

Confession: I am a finance guy. I started working life as a Chartered Accountant and worked in large corporate finance until that was brought to a sudden halt.

I won’t go into the detail here, but my health education started as a patient in a dramatic way.
I suffered a small bowel volvulus in 2003 requiring 80 hours a week on intravenous feeding and then also kidney dialysis.
It’s a story for another time but needless to say I met a lot of nurses on that 12 year journey that culminated in a intestine and kidney transplant at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

During this 12 year period, I was determined not to fall into the full-time patient life and decided to bring my three life’s passions together: financeproperty, and helping people.

Obtaining my mortgage broking license was a logical step as enabled this as well as giving me the flexibility required to manage my complicated and deteriorating health.
As you would imagine I got to know many nurses very well!

In 2010 things were going downhill health wise as we were running out of line access options as my veins thrombosed.
Then my kidneys failed so I was put on dialysis as well as TPN!!

Skip forward, to 2015 and this happened:


Since then, I am a new person. Whoo hoo!!

We love returning the favour and giving back to nurses!