First Time Home Buyer Loans for Nurses in Melbourne

If you’re a nurse looking to buy your first home, you’re in the right place.

First Home Buyers: Your Journey to Owning Your Dream Home

Embracing the Dream of Homeownership

Buying your first home is not just a goal, it’s a milestone that marks a new chapter in your life. It’s a symbol of independence, stability, and personal achievement. For many, it’s a dream come true. And when you’re a nurse, dedicating your life to caring for others, owning your own space is more than a comfort – it’s a sanctuary.

Unlocking Opportunities: Government Grants and Incentives

Understanding the landscape of homeownership, especially for first-time buyers, can be complex. Various Commonwealth and State government grants, such as the Home Builder Grant, are available to ease your journey. We’ve crafted a detailed guide specifically on home financing for nurses, outlining each option, its criteria, and how to maximise these opportunities. If you’re curious about what’s available to you, just reach out for your free copy.

Specialised Expertise for Nurses

This specialisation means we’re not just familiar with the process – we’re experts in it. We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities that come with your profession, from understanding your shift patterns to maximising your borrowing potential based on your unique income structure.

A Personalised Approach to Home Buying

Buying your first home is thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming. It’s one of the largest financial commitments you’ll ever make.
We are more than just mortgage brokers. We pride ourselves in supporting you every step of the way, from putting together your upfront plan through making your purchase and beyond.
We will guide you through every step. We will alleviate the pressure, clarify the complexities, and direct you towards making informed decisions.

Overcoming Intimidation in the Home Buying Process

The world of real estate and finance can be intimidating, but remember, you’re not alone in this journey.
During your home purchase process, you deal with many experienced professionals who may not have your best interests at heart.
You may need to deal with bankers, lawyers, conveyancers, real estate agents, buyer’s advocates, property inspectors, insurance companies, and body corporate managers.
We are used to dealing with them and know how they work. Where possible, we liaise with them for you, or at least assist you in these interactions and even recommend trusted advisers if necessary.

Our Goal: Making Your Dream Achievable

Our mission is to guide you through the home buying process, demonstrating that owning your dream home is attainable regardless of your work schedule. Whether you are a full-time agency nurse, casual nurse, travel nurse, self-employed, or a mix of these, it’s unlikely there is a situation we have not seen over our years of working with nurses.
This enables us to match your situation with the right lender, recognising that lender policies differ widely depending on how you earn your income.

Your Proven process for your home purchase success

Step 1

Your Plan

Clarity on next steps to achieve your home ownership objectives.

Step 3

Lender Selection

Maximise your qualifying criteria across 40+ lenders based on your situation and objectives

Step 5

Purchasing Assistance

Guidance through the property search and purchase process, not “left on your own”.

Step 7

Client Care

Pay your mortgage off faster with proper account structuring. Ensure you are not over-paying with your interest rate.

Step 2

Internal Credit Assessment 

High confidence of loan approval before loan submitted or credit file impacted.

Step 4


Leave to us to get your loan pre approved. Keep you updated
2x per week.

Step 6


You plan for the move in while we handle the financial and legal work. Keep you updated through the process.

Step 8