Investment Property Loans for Nurses in Melbourne

If you’re a nurse thinking about buying an investment property, you’re in the right place.

Investing in Property: A Strategic Move for Nurses

Leveraging Your Career in Nursing for Property Investment

You don’t want to be working the night shift in your 50s. You need freedom of choice, especially as you move through the years.

For nurses, property investment isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a step toward long-term security and wealth building. Your dedication to healthcare provides unique opportunities in the property market. Understanding these can transform you from a homeowner to a wealth accumulator.

The Power of Property Investment for Nurses

Building Wealth Over Time

Property investment is a proven method for wealth accumulation. Lender breaks for registered nurses are an advantage here.

Using Home Equity

Already a homeowner? Your home’s equity can be a springboard into property investment, providing a deposit for your investment property.

Understanding the Market

The real estate market can be complex, but, with our expertise, we guide you through the nuances of making smart choices when it comes to financing your investment property.

5 Key Considerations for Nurse Investors

1. Your long-term plan and objectives

The biggest mistake many property investors make is buying one investment property at a time in an area they know. Investing in property should be like a business – start with the end in mind. That is, where do you want to be with your property portfolio in 10 years’ time?

2. Plan

Our planning process kicks in here. We start with your objectives and then work through your key economics, such as borrowing capacity, purchase price, repayment, and plan your next steps from there.

3. Capital growth vs. rental returns

The way to build true wealth from your property is through capital growth – how much your property increases in value over time. Rental returns are great and help pay the mortgage loan, while over time the capital growth will see you right and your rental income will follow.

4. Understanding leverage and finance

We know this does not sound particularly exciting to learn, but it really is key to maximising your investment property returns, including being able to purchase your investment sooner than what many of our nursing clients think. We pride ourselves as genuine experts in this area.

5. Stick to your plan

The main reason most investors do not get past one investment property is because they don’t stick to their plans. Of course, there are many unpredictables in life, but if your plan is to buy two investment properties in the next two years, like a nurse has recently done with us, then taking a month to travel Europe may not fit with that!

How Nurses Have an Advantage in Property Investment

Lender Breaks for Nurses

Through understanding leverage, smart financing, and lender breaks for registered nurses, you can get your property investment plan off the ground much faster than your non-nursing friends.

Stable and Predictable Income

Nurses often have stable employment, which makes it easier to secure loans and manage investment properties. Banks love this, and you should be rewarded for it.

Future Planning

We advocate the principle of starting with the end in mind. We help you plan your property investment journey with clear goals and strategies.

Your Proven Process For Your Investment Property Loan Success

Step 1

Your Plan

Clarity on next steps to achieve your home ownership objectives.

Step 3

Lender Selection

Maximise your qualifying criteria across 40+ lenders based on your situation and objectives

Step 5

Purchasing Assistance

Guidance through the property search and purchase process, not “left on your own”.

Step 7

Client Care

Pay your mortgage off faster with proper account structuring. Ensure you are not over-paying with your interest rate.

Step 2

Internal Credit Assessment 

High confidence of loan approval before loan submitted or credit file impacted.

Step 4


Leave to us to get your loan pre approved. Keep you updated
2x per week.

Step 6


You plan for the move in while we handle the financial and legal work. Keep you updated through the process.