Purchase an investment property

Looking at investing in property?

One of the pleasures of working with our nursing clients over years, is to assist you with an investment property.
Being a homeowner has major benefits over time, and an often overlooked one is the ability to use your own home to provide a deposit into your investment property.

Property is a tried and tested way to build wealth and can assist in providing you with financial security – providing you follow some key criteria.

The following is a snapshot of what you will need to consider;

  • We’ve all heard the cry “Location Location Location”, this is because it always holds true. The value of your property can truly depend on this one factor.
  • How much can you afford to borrow?
  • How much will you need to cover up front and ongoing costs?
  • Consider the effective use of tax concessions that are available to you.
  • You will need to look at the ownership structure – this will depend on personal factors.
  • Will your new investment benefit from a depreciation schedule?
  • Obtain a rental appraisal, understand what income can be generated.

Planning for the future is vital.  Our answer is to “start with the end in mind” and work back from here.

We are here to help guide you through your options and what type of loan that will work best for your own personal goals.

Where to Start?

Book a 20 minute call to discuss your objectives and let’s work out a plan to get you there.