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Meet the people who strive to help nurses own their own homes.

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We believe every nurse can and should own their own home

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Why Nurses Choose Finance4Nurses: Understanding Your Unique Needs

We believe that every nurse can and should own their own home.

Nursing is more than a profession; it’s a commitment to caring for others, often at the expense of personal time and comfort. This unique lifestyle and dedication deserve a specialised approach when it comes to financial planning and mortgage services. That’s exactly where Finance4Nurses shines, offering tailored financial solutions that understand and cater to the specific needs of nurses. Here’s why nurses consistently choose us:

Expertise in Nursing Financial Dynamics

Understanding of Nursing Income Structures: We recognise that nurses have unique income patterns, including regular wages, overtime, shift differentials, and allowances. Our expertise lies in effectively presenting these income details to lenders, maximising your borrowing potential, and securing favourable mortgage terms.

Understanding Your Employment Arrangements: We understand there is no such thing as a “general” nurse employment arrangement. Through helping thousands of nurses over the years, it’s safe to say there isn’t much we have not seen. Our experience in this area is a benefit; we know how to make it work for you.

So, whether you work casual, through an agency, on contract, or as a travel nurse, don’t worry, we get it and know exactly how to present it to the right lender who will recognise this in the best light for you.

Specialised Mortgage Advice: The world of mortgages can be complex and overwhelming.

There are lender policies that are specific to nurses, such as casual pay recognition, agency work, travel nurses, and more.

Additionally, some have much lower deposit requirements that work great whether you are buying your first home, upgrading your home, or buying an investment property.

Finance4Nurses simplifies this landscape, offering clear, nurse-focused advice. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or invest in property, our guidance is tailored to your profession’s financial nuances.

Flexible Appointments: We understand the irregular and demanding schedules of nursing. Our services are designed to fit around your availability, offering appointments at times that suit you, including outside standard business hours.

Quick and Efficient Process: Nurses are accustomed to fast-paced environments, and we mirror this efficiency in our services. We ensure a smooth, streamlined process from initial consultation to final approval, respecting the value of your limited free time.

Building Long-Term Financial Security

Educational Approach: We believe in empowering nurses with financial knowledge. Our eBook and personalised consultations aim to educate you on the intricacies of property investment and mortgage management, equipping you with the tools for informed decision-making.

Future-Focused Financial Planning: As a nurse, planning for your financial future is crucial. We assist in developing strategies for long-term financial security, from buying your first home to planning for retirement and investment properties.

Personalised Customer Experience

Dedicated Support: Our commitment to you extends beyond transactions. We offer continuous support and advice, adapting to your changing financial situations and goals.

Understanding and Empathy: At Finance4Nurses, we appreciate the emotional and physical demands of nursing. Our approach is not just transactional; we build relationships based on understanding, empathy, and respect for your profession.

A Partner in Your Financial Journey

Comprehensive Services: From buying your first home to upgrading, refinancing, or investing in property, we offer a range of services to cater to every stage of your financial journey.

Nurse-Centric Loan Options: We explore loan options that acknowledge the unique aspects of nursing income, offering solutions that many traditional brokers may overlook.

Trust and Reliability

Reputation Among Nurses: Our reputation as a trusted financial partner for nurses is built on years of consistent, quality service. The testimonials and Google Reviews from our nurse clients speak to our expertise, reliability, and dedication.

Commitment to Your Profession: We respect and admire the nursing profession and are committed to giving back by providing services that genuinely cater to your specific financial needs.

Choosing Finance4Nurses means partnering with a team that not only understands the financial aspects of your profession but also values and respects the incredible work you do every day. We’re here not just to offer financial services but also to be a supportive partner in your journey as a nurse, helping you achieve your personal and financial goals.

In 2023


Home purchase plans were completed to help nurses start their homeownership journey.


Nurses got the keys
to their home.


Mortgages were refinanced, saving nurses thousands of dollars.

What Our clients say about Finance4Nurses

Juan Carlo Miranda
Juan Carlo Miranda
Tim, Poonam and the team are great! We have use them for buying our 1st home back in 2018. Refinancing to get the best possible interest rate for our mortgage and we used them again this year to buy our dream home! They have great communication and will guide you from start until after your purchase.
Trent Miller
Trent Miller
Tim and the team were fantastic with securing me with a home loan tailored to my rotating roster an penalties. Another nurse in a home thanks to Finance4Nurses! Very much appreciated, would recommend+++.
sally kerr
sally kerr
Absolute 5 star experience!!, There were a few little huccups with my application but all of the team were amazing ! From my initial contact & throughout the entire process i felt supported & informed, they are honest and tell you what you need to do to achieve the dream, i settle me first home in 1 Week!! And im beyond excited, Big thank you to Tim and his team, I absolutely would not have been able to do this with out them!!
jessica luu
jessica luu
I was referred to Finance4Nurses by a friend that had a amazing and great experience as a first time home buyer. my experience was amazing as well. They were available to contact whenever I needed help or had any concerns. The entire progress was smooth and I knew I was in safe hands with a team I trusted.
Krista Fox
Krista Fox
Specializes with nurses, this is my second time refinancing with Tim and his team it's an easy first consult and discussion about current circumstances and then further communication is done via email and phone. Very easy and worry free. The team is very prompt to respond to emails and answer any questions. Also are great at communications what the need to process a smooth refinancing process.
Mardi Lucas
Mardi Lucas
Fantastic experience! Very quick and efficient in answering calls, emails and my million questions! Aimed for quick settlement and received it. I’m now moved into my new home and enjoying life to the full. Living out in the middle of nowhere could have proved challenging but the team did fantastic in making my dream come true. Can not thank you guys enough. Highly recommended
Brooke berryman
Brooke berryman
Super grateful that I found Finance4Nurses. The whole team, particularly Poonam, have been incredibly supportive in navigating my first home loan application experience. As a single applicant, they have held my hand through the entire process and took the time to completely understand my financial situation. Thank you, will recommend 100% to my colleagues.
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill
Tim and his team are amazing. Excellent communication and spot on with information. They always follow up and make sure you’re on track for every deadline and are so transparent. We have previously been told it would take us months to get a home loan and Tim and his team did the job with the best intent. The descriptions and breakdowns of everything was also great. We would recommend Tim and his team to anyone and everyone.
Nor Ilyana
Nor Ilyana
I had gotten in touch with Finance4Nurses to understand the financial needs on buying my first home. Never thought it would have been possible but Tim and his team have clearly outlined and explained to me whats required and expected. They have been very transparent and is always reachable whenever I have questions. I put my 101% trust in them in processing my mortgage and I was obviously quite contented with the outcome. Moving on 6 months after my first contact with Finance4Nurses, I now have moved into my first own home successfully with minimal hurdles, definitely thanks to the team!

Our Happy Clients

Really want to thank Tim from Finance 4 Nurses for all his help!We could never have done this without him!Could not recommend him more to any of our nurse friends! So understanding, so helpful and good at answering all of our questions. Amazing with nervous first timers. the thing that was the best about him Alannah & Matthew First Home Buyers


Tim and his team are amazing. Excellent communication and spot on with information. Thanks so much to Tim for making this process so much easier for us and a lot less daunting. Having Tim as a broker has been an absolute god send&. So thankful😊 Audrey Dornbusch

Tim and his team are extremely friendly, informative and helpful. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without Tim, Anna and Alex and the team, they have been exceptional – gone to the ends of the earth to help us out. Best in the business! Becky C. Land & Construction


Tim and the team at Finance 4 Nurses have been the greatest support for my fiancé and I. From going to one of their presentations with little to no savings a year a go, fast track to now and we have managed to buy our own home! Courtenay & Tim - First Home Buyers


Tim and the team he pulled together made the whole process really easy for us – I couldn’t believe how little we had to do. Now we have a great property, am delighted about the price we paid, it is financed really well and was tenanted with high quality occupants from day one. We are David A. - Investor


We were fortunate enough to work with both Tim, Jennifer, Anna & Alex.I cannot say enough about their intricate knowledge, superior customer service. As first home buyers we didn’t know anything about the market, or what to expect they took their time to explain everything in detail, making sure we understood and made themselves available Deanne F. Land & Construction


Tim and his team are amazing. Excellent communication and spot on with information. Emma

After coming across Tim on Facebook, my partner Tom and I emailed Tim confused and not knowing how to start the daunting process of purchasing our first home. We didn’t know when we could start looking to buy, how much we could borrow, the process etc. Tim, Jen & Alex have been incredibly kind, knowledgeable Freya & Tom - First Home Buyers


So despite my best efforts to self sabotage, this happened last week. Thanks so much Tim you’ve been an awesome guide and pricelss assest to me during this process. Keep up the hard work and bring on settlement👍 Gab Carbone

We would like to express our thanks for the work Tim and his team did for us this past year. His expertise and attention to detail helped us navigate some tricky financial situations when purchasing our home of the future. His continual advice (even on holidays) on financial challenges helped save us significant money and Kerry & Brandon


I very highly recommend Tim Boyle and the team at Finance 4 Nurses. We have recently purchased a house and land package in Regional Victoria, and Tim and associate Alex have been nothing short of fantastic in dealing with. Both Tim and Alex were available to contact at short notice to discuss any concerns and Ngaire L. Land & Construction


Thanks Tim. Thank you for your time effort over my journey of trying to get into my first place. You guys were always super fantastic at replying to my emails and answering my ‘newbie’ questions. I will certainly passing on your details to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. Have a lovely weekend and thanks Nick H. - First Home Buyer


Tim has a strong knowledge of the industry and of the lending options that were available to us. Tim, Alex and Jen are all very professional, caring and genuine, and were ready to assist us any time we needed them. Their expertise helped us to navigate the challenges of buying a property, and we have Olivia & Fred First Home Buyers


Amazing service and great results. Tim and the team are extremely knowledgeable with fast and efficient communication. Tim was able to find me a very competitive loan in record time when other brokers would not. Once you have worked with his team, they keep in contact and continually update you on potential mortgage saving strategies. Robbie K.


A great company and service that will go the extra mile and ensure all your home loan and financial needs are met.The customer service the Finance 4 Nurses team provided to get me the best outcome financially when making the decision to enter the property market (being a new owner occupier and/or financial investment home Rodney G.


Tim has a strong knowledge of the industry and of the lending options that were available to us. Tim, Alex and Jen are all very professional, caring and genuine, and were ready to assist us any time we needed them. Their expertise helped us to navigate the challenges of buying a property, and we have Rodney G.


Tim and his team have been fantastic in helping me secure my first home. I came to Finance 4 Nurses via a FB group, and before contacting them had been lurking there for almost a year! I was always impressed by the content they produced there so did not hesitate to contact them when I Rowena D. - First Home Buyer


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